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Spied: Lincoln Mark LT lives for buyers in Mexico

Rafay Ansar

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No, your eyes are not playing tricks. That is a Lincoln grille on the front of a new Ford F-150 pickup.

Wait! Didn't the Lincoln Mark LT go away last year?

Sort of.

While the luxury version of Ford's full-size pickup was discontinued in the U.S. market, it continues to sell in Mexico. And Lincoln is readying a new Mark LT based on the 2009 F-150 Platinum edition.

In addition to the grille swap, there will be Mark LT badging on the front doors and the tailgate--although this prototype still hauls the F-150 Platinum tailgate.

According to the Lincoln Mexico Web site, a 2008 Mark LT crew cab had a price of $41,300 for rear-wheel drive and $46,000 for four-wheel drive.

Those prices are close to what Ford asks for a F-150 Platinum SuperCrew--$40,910 for rear drive and $44,105 for four-wheel drive.

What this really means is that if you crave the Lincoln look for your new F-150, there will be a part number for a grille to make your dream come true.
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