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BMW S.X. Concept

Rafay Ansar

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Remember the Lamborghini Insecta Concept that was designed by Iulian Bumbu, a 28 year-old Romanian designer that received a Masters in Car Design from the Scuola Politecnica di Design Milano? Well here is the up and coming artists latest creation. If the German automaker hasn’t already gotten a hold of these sketches and made plans for a future concept car then they will be very sorry when another manufacturer picks up Mr. Bumbu to add some fresh styling to their lineup of vehicles.

The S.X. concept is Iulian’s personal vision as to what the future luxury sports coupe will look like. The concept features a minimalist design that appears to focus more on cutting through the air with efficiency than finding a place to position decorative ornaments around the car. The body is mainly made up of a pair of bold arches over the front wheels, a pair of broad shoulders that will most definitely be visible in the rear view mirrors and a windshield that is so slanted back that it almost continues the slope of the hood into the roofline.

The S.X. fits into BMW’s range just above the full sized sports coupe, the 6-Series. The S.X. is planned to have a longer wheelbase than the 6, but will be slightly shorter in overall length than the premium luxury coupe. The S.X. concept features the same styling language as the current range of BMWs, but adds a high mounted brake light which is almost incorporated into the edges of the rear window and just below them rest a pair of vertical tailpipes while up front there are a pair of lateral vents that let hot air escape from just behind the front wheels. If this concept ever does make its way into production, we expect for BMW to have quite a success on their hands.

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