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911’s touch of Class

Rafay Ansar


Every four seconds our inbox glows with an email from a Porsche tuner promoting some gruesome modified 911. Today we received something more official and less hideous from Porsche.

It’s called the Sport Classic, and it’s taken the chaps in Stuttgart about three years to finish. Maybe that’s because they spent so many hours locked in their museum, pinching bits from old cars for inspiration. Or maybe they were distracted by their dedication to beard cultivation.

But we’ll forgive the tardiness because it’s actually quite cool. There’s a double-domed roof like the original Batmobile's and perched on its boot is a fixed ducktail spoiler, just like the one from a 1973 Carrera RS 2.7, according to the Beards. It gets bumpers like those on all-wheel-drive Porsches (that’s the Turbo) and some lightly redesigned lights.

And, of course, it gets some classic ‘Fuchs’ style alloys. Possibly our favourite kind of rims, those Fuchs.

There’s a sprinkling of special touches in the cabin, but the best changes lie beneath all that. The Sport Classic gets a special Resonance Intake System with six switching butterflies (that’s vacuum controlled flaps to the Beards) which, along with some other bits of engine tweakery, increase the power by 23bhp over the Carrera S to 402bhp.

Just 250 will be made worldwide and the Sport Classic will cost – wait for it – £140,049. Ouch.

That sort of money will buy you a 911 GT2. So while you dream, why not watch Jeremy thrash one around our track?

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