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Matte grey Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Rafay Ansar


The color craze has been matte for quite a while now. More and more people are ordering their new cars in a matte color or a matte wrap, given that painting in matte is time consuming. After seeing matte black and matte white we received a matte grey Lamborghini today!

The Lamborghini we are referring to was spotted in the East European country, Hungary. It's becoming an everyday thing that we see amazing spots from countries like these, where the difference between the rich and the poor are enormous . The Gallardo Superleggera in question comes from Austria and is most likely just visiting the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. We've never seen the Superleggera in matte grey before, but it does look rather nice. Just like matte white, matte grey is not as noticeable as for instance matte black, you really have to look twice before you can see which color it is. For our spotters the matte color is positive because they wont have the annoying gleam in the paint of the car while they are taking pictures of it. Since we can now add a matte grey Gallardo Superleggera to the list of matte cars, one question remains, when will the first matte orange Lamborghini be spotted?
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