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2009 Chrysler Aspen

Rafay Ansar


The large, sporty 2009 Chrysler Aspen pleases owners with a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA and a moderate MSRP ranging between $34,230 and $33,407. It delivers an appreciable 14/19 mpg considering its size and rides smooth - like cotton on silk. It doesn't stop at smooth though, it feels solid and strong. It shares the market with the Chevrolet Tahoe, the Ford Expedition and the GMC Yukon. These are big SUVs - capable and powerful.

With seating for 8, the 2009 Aspen comes with a basic warranty of 36 months or 36,000 miles. The Aspen delivers more luxury features than its competitors yet performs just as well in terms of hauling and towing. There will be no problems pulling your RV or boat up and down twisting, steep roads anywhere you find yourself. The towing capacity is rated at 8900 pounds. And all the while, you will be surrounded with one of the most spacious and attractive interior designs in the class.

The newly-designed electronic stability control system has a innovative feature for trailer sway control as well. This further increases the safety levels and peace of mind granted to you and your family. The Chrysler Aspen comes with a choice between two engines: a 4.7L "Flex-Fuel" 303hp V8 and a 5.7L Hemi. The 4.7L can run on either regular gasoline or E85 which is a 85/15 ethanol/gasoline blend. The Hemi utilizes Chrysler's Multi-Displacement System (MDS) to automatically shut out fuel delivery to half of the cylinders when not needed for power. Both engines are available in either 2WD or All-Wheel Drive setups.

18-inch alloy wheels are stock while 20-inchers are options. The body styling is slightly reminiscent of the Dodge Durango, featuring mild curves and a subdued look of strength and toughness. The 8-passenger seating arrangement is reduced to 7 if the second row is ordered bucket-style. There is also the Chrysler trade-marked Yes Essentials stain-resistant interior fabric when leather is not opted for. The 2009 Aspen, of course, also offers purchasers a wide array of luxurious personalization features.

One impressive sell point for the Aspen is the 20-gig hard drive stereo system, the MyGIG, which stores your music, navigational info and pictures all together. Rear backing cameras are also a popular optional feature, especially when considering the sheer size of these monster SUVs. There is only one model of the Aspen - the Limited. Rear AC, front bucket seating, tilt steering, cruise control, reclining second and third row seating, power everything, remote entry and steering wheel-controlled entertainment are all standard features. Want more? Add in universal garage door openers, heated mirrors, fog lights, roof rails, theft deterrence and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Exterior styling is semi-aggressive and visually-pleasing. The capable and ready 2009 Chrysler Aspen is selling like hot-cakes on Sunday and the future remains bright. With more luxury features than the competition and plenty of powerful performance, the 2009 Aspen is a definite crowd pleaser.


Sport Utility
Vehicle Class:
Intermediate Utility
Overall Length:
Seating Capacity:
Towing Capacity:
8700/8700 lbs.
Final Assembly Location:
United States
Engine Size:
Number of Cylinders:
Compression Ratio:
ABS Brakes:
Driver Air Bag:
Passenger Air Bag:
Side Air Bag:
Child Safety Locks:
Integrated Safety Seats:
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