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Land speed record holders eye 1,000 mph barrier

Rafay Ansar

Richard Noble and Andy Green know a few things about going fast--they set the current land speed record of 763 miles per hour.

But they wanna go faster! So the duo is preparing a car--it really looks more like a land rocket--which they say will break through the 1,000 mile per hour barrier.

The "car" will be a bit more than 42 feet long and contain piston, jet and rocket engines. The car should make the run from 0 to one thousand fifty miles per hour in just 40 seconds.

Of course, you don't just roll out a car like this and drop the hammer. The team aims to make the thousand-mile per hour run in 2011. Next year it hopes to hit 800 miles per hour, with a 900 mile per hour run in 2010.

Nevada's Black Rock desert is the likely place where the super-fast runs will be made--it's not like you can just go out to the nearest long, straight, rural road, you know.
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