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Buyers' market--Struggling auto sales mean consumers win

Rafay Ansar


Cars sales have nose-dived along with the the collapsing economy, and the forecast doesn't look any better, with predictions that U.S. sales will shrink to a mere 13 million units in 2009. In hopes of jump-starting sales, automakers have ramped up incentives on many models.

Not surprising is that larger and more expensive vehicles carry the biggest rebates. Some are on outgoing models, and a lot of them are not very fuel-efficient. But the price of fuel has dropped significantly in recent weeks, so your savings on the sticker price could be augmented by cheaper pump prices--at least in the short run.

We list here the top 10 most generous offers available today. How about a Mercedes-Benz S-class for $10,000 off or a BMW 7-series for $7,500 off? If you're looking for a sport-utility vehicle, you can have a Lincoln Navigator or a Hummer H2 with $8,000 and $7,000 cash back, respectively. Need to tow? Get a Ford F-350 Super Duty for $7,000 cash back or 0 percent financing.

There are plenty of other intriguing incentives, so do some digging, and you might discover a sweet deal on your target car. Be forewarned that offers differ by region and among trim levels.
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