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Hyundai makes its claim on performance

Rafay Ansar

Hyundai and performance--two words that haven't always appeared in the same sentence. Hyundai is out to change that impression.

"There's nothing wrong with front-wheel drive," Hyundai product chief John Krafcik said on Tuesday at the SEMA show. "But it's cool to offer choice."

Hyundai is driving its performance stake into the ground with the rear-drive Genesis platform. It has loaded up the SEMA show with three Genesis sedans and three Genesis coupes in various states of aftermarket tuning.

The two main attractions on display were a 460-hp supercharged Genesis sedan, and the track ready Rhys Millen edition of the Genesis coupe.

"Think of the sedan as Dr. Jekyl and the coupe as Mr. Hide," said Krafcik

The sedan, customized by RK Sport, is fitted with 20-inch wheels and low profile tires, a two-tone paint job and leather interior. Under the hood sits the polished supercharger, with huge air intakes.

The Rhys Millen Racing Genesis coupe has body panels made of carbon fiber, winglets on the front bumper, a giant wing on the back and a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.
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