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Porsche wants to buy Tesla Roadster

Rafay Ansar

Porsche is not just known for performance cars, but also for a crack team of engineers (how else do you expect to get that kind of performance from six-cylinders?) So it’s no surprise that Porsche is in line to pick up a Tesla Roadster. Inside Line got the scoop from a Tesla spokesperson, "A Porsche senior engineer actually came over a few weeks back, and he was seriously analyzing the car in every detail."

Porsche is reportedly working on its own lithium-ion car, possibly to use on its own cars or offer to other makers through its engineering arm. One of the easiest ways to understand any technology is testing and reverse engineering successful technology, so there no telling what Porsche may do when its Tesla arrives.

Tuner Ruf has actually already assembled a 911 with ithium-ion battery power, but Porsche is doesn’t seem to be impressed with that car. Instead the German car company went shopping in California. But just like GM’s and Toyota’s Hyundai Genesis purchase, Porsche isn’t getting any special treatment. Tesla said Porsche is "pretty far down on the list of current orders."
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