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CAR launches new supercar zone

Rafay Ansar

CAR Online today launches its new supercar zone – a celebration of all things supercar related. We name the greatest and most significant supercars over the past four decades to coincide with the 36-page Supercars 2008 supplement free with the new September 2008 issue of CAR Magazine. Here's a whistle-stop tour of the highlights of our supercars microsite:

• We name the landmark supercars
• Browse our GBU supercar guide
• The forgotten supercars
• Vote for your favourites in our polls
• Gallardo 560-4 vs Ferrari F430 video
• New video library of supercar videos
• CAR blogs: how we crashed on the Reventon launch and other supercar tales
• Tomorrow's supercars: the scoops
• The technical advances – 1966 vs 2008
• Test your knowledge in our supercar quiz

For all this and more, click here to go to our new supercar zone
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