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More Mustangs

Rafay Ansar


OK, it's getting pretty blatant, now.

There has been no shortage lately of spy photos of the restyled 2010 Ford Mustang. We've received a new batch, which we are showing here, but then we're going to put the Mustang away until it is a lot closer to the formal unveiling at the Los Angeles auto show in November.

Sure, the Ford boys took the time to wrap these prototypes--the blue V6 convertible and red V8 GT--in the funky, leopard-print shelf paper. But c'mon--cutting out holes for the fender badges just screams "look at me!"

These shots do afford a good look at the new 'Stang's grille and headlamps.

There's a good, old-fashioned marketing war brewing among the Mustang and Chevy Camaro teams. Look for the next round in November, with the Mustang in L.A. and the Camaro at SEMA.
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