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VW Polo BlueMotion: month 2

Rafay Ansar

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Arrived: June 2008
List price (including options): £13,355
Average economy: 68.2mpg

The VW Polo BlueMotion has been -

Piling on the miles on a vast variety of roads in Ireland. I've done the long trip from Dublin to Cork and back a few times and several other long journeys, which, allied to the miles racking up in the capital itself means that our Polo BlueMotion has nearly 10,000 miles on the clock already.

We're loving the -

Fuel consumption. I know the whole point of the BlueMotion models is economy, but it deserves recognition for surpassing our expectations, with over 72mpg achieved on one 300-mile journey. Given that two well-fed lads were in the car for the trip and that the air conditioning was used, that's quite simply staggering. This Polo isn't all that slow either, with appreciable urge in the mid-range and a characterful off-beat thrum from the engine when on the move.

But not so impressed by -

Sadly, that 'character' can only be described as noise when at low speed in the city or parking. My wife has christened the car our 'little tractor', though even she admits that it has a bit of go in it. Noise aside, we could do with an extra set of doors, but buyers can opt for that in the first place I guess.

We're looking forward to -

One final long trip together, boarding another ferry back to Holyhead and then across Britain to hand over the Polo to its new owner. It's staying with Yahoo! though, so you'll still receive regular updates on the car.
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