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Peugeot shows new hybrid crossover

Rafay Ansar


Peugeot will be showing a new Prologue concept hybrid vehicle at the Paris motor show in October.

The Prologue is Peugeot's latest concept, the French firm describing its new crossover machine as a 'new generation vehicle'.

Using a hybrid powertrain to improve economy and emissions, the Prologue will be able to run on electric only power below certain speeds around town.

Blending car and SUV styling the Prologue is certainly a distinctive looking car, with bold wheelarches, headlamps and a large front grille giving it real presence.

The Prologue will be shown alongside the Peugeot RC concept, the sleek black machine that also features hybrid power.

Unlike the RC the Prologue is a strong hint to a new production car, Peugeot having used the Prologue name on several concept models that have subsequently reached production.

Aside from the images Peugeot is keeping quiet about the specific details of its new concept, the only figures the French firm having divulged being its 200bhp output and 109g/km CO2 emissions.

Further details of this interesting concept will be revealed when the Prologue goes on display in Paris in a few weeks time.
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