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Porsche shows off Panamera

Rafay Ansar


German sports car firm Porsche is teasing customers with the reveal of its new Panamera four-door.

The car, which seems to have been in development forever, is meekly shown revealing its nose to its 911, Cayman, Boxster and Cayenne relatives.

Porsche amusingly states that even this tiny portion of the car 'clearly proves that the four-door Panamera is a genuine Porsche all the way'.

Read that as you will, but if Porsche means that it looks like its relatives there's no denying the striking resemblance - Porsche not noted for making bold styling gestures even on its new models.

The teaser image heads up an advertising campaign that, unlike the car itself, will be rolled out from late October, Porsche also running an Internet site to stoke up interest among potential customers.

We can expect to see the Panamera in its full glory early in the New Year, it due to be unveiled at one of the big international motor shows.
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