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4:48 AM

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Lexus announces new IS Convertible

Rafay Ansar


Unfortunately, Lexus has not yet released an image of its new IS Convertible, but it has admitted that the new drop-top will make its world debut at next month's Paris Show in IS 250 flavour.

Little is known about Lexus's new rival for the BMW 3 Series Convertible, though it's probable that the new car is a two-door design with seating for four. Whether the roof is a solid or fabric affair has yet to be discovered, with Lexus's rivals split on the subject.

Paris show goers will also have an opportunity to check out the new four-wheel drive LS 460 luxury car, while the LF-Xh hybrid concept previews how the next RX SUV might look.

Full details on the IS Convertible will be released on October 2nd.
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