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Flying Ferrari under development

Rafay Ansar


Moller International has created and tested a scale model flying car based on the current Ferrari 599 GTB and the conclusion is that it's feasible for production.

Paul Moller's unique company in California, USA has been working on the development of flying cars since the early '80s though has yet to successfully put one into production.

The Autovolanter is Moller's latest creation, with its target to be a stylish, desirable sports car that can also occasionally fly.

Moller's targets for the project include a range on the ground of 150 miles, with 75 miles of travel possible in the air. The Autovolanter must also be easy to fly, with no specialist pilot knowledge necessary.

To achieve the car's flying capability, it will be necessary to fit an artificial stability system similar in theory to that used by the Eurofighter jet, where the craft is inherently unstable, but the computing power on board is quick enough to control movement. However, this does require the fitment of a large wing, which folds over the back of the car.

Moller calculates that the Autovolanter will require over 800bhp to achieve his objectives, but even a highly tuned version of the Ferrari V12 would be of no use, as it's a heavy engine that is not suited to Moller's propulsion system.

Instead, the Autovolanter utilises a hybrid system of rotary engines with about 320bhp and electric motors with nearly 500bhp. The car's range is limited by the amount of fuel it carries on board, as extra weight means less time in the air and more power required to get airborne.

Our sources suggest that Moller requires substantial investment to take the Autovolanter to the next stage of development, so don't expect a swarm of flying Ferraris anytime soon.
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