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Stunning Mercedes-Benz estate concept

Rafay Ansar


Mercedes-Benz will show a stunning shooting-brake concept coupé at the Paris motor show in October.

Concept Fascination is Mercedes' bold new design study that mixes coupé and 'shooting brake' estate to very dramatic effect.

Bursting genres is something of a habit for Mercedes, its CLS four-door coupé being a huge hit in recent years.

Even so, Mercedes is claiming this segment-bridging model isn't likely to make production, instead it debuting the company's future design direction.

New lights and a sharper, more defined bonnet are key to the concept's frontal aspect, the forthcoming E- and CLK-Class cars expected to closely follow the Concept Fascination's style.

LED lighting is used extensively, including the chrome feature line along the leading edge of the front splitter featuring LEDs as foglamps on the outer edges.

The rear lights and bolder wheel arches of the concept are also certain to make it onto new production models, Fascination marking a change in design direction in Paris for the German firm.

Cool features of Concept Fascination include side glass that fully drops, a panoramic glass roof and a leather covered centre console inside that spans through the entire cabin.

A two-door, shooting brake design the Concept Fascination adds a practical spin on the usually compromised coupé genre.

The rear luggage area features a refrigerated area and a humidor, these accessed by raising a smoked glass table from the boot floor.

Ensuring that the Concept Fascination sits comfortably with the current environmental zeitgeist Mercedes has fitted a 204bhp 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine with its BlueTec and AdBlue emissions and economy improving technology under the bonnet.
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